What I am focused on at this point in my life.

What am I doing now

This is a Now page, inspired by Derek Sivers and last updated on Sun 12 Jun 14:38:12 CEST 2022.


There are now 7 people in my team, across 3 different Countries. They work well with each other, care about doing things well, and the morale is high. I feel very lucky!

Tomorrow has to be dedicated to finishing that presentation explaining what we do and how we are structured. I wanted to work on it at the weekend to get a headstart, but I ran out of energy. I do hope it will be helpful and well received.

I also need to get ready for the time off I'll be taking at the end of the month. It seems silly but I do need a couple of weeks just hand over work properly.


I have not had a lot of time for personal stuff the past couple of weeks, but we did start a new D&D campaign last Friday! My character is a half elven warlock / healer. Should be fun! Though I suspect she is probably the only goody two shoes of the party.

Started using cat to update this page. I like how old-school are the tools I am using to build this now: good old HTML, a smidge of css, GNU nano, and cat!

Less than 3 weeks to my holidays in July! I will be visiting Helsinki and attending the Tuska festival (